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Welcome to Prestige Family Care Homes

As an assisted living facility, Prestige Family Care Homes offers quality care to your loved ones – the same kind of care that you would provide them in your own home. We welcome them to our facility in Durham, North Carolina with open hearts. As soon as they walk through our doors, they become family to us.

Prestige Family Care Homes has long been recognized as a haven for so many seniors. Living with us has been a comfort for them and we help them come to terms with the often difficult transition into old age living. Still, we have high hopes that with proper care, emotional support and the commitment to quality services, life in our retirement age can still be meaningful. We hope to welcome you to Prestige Family Care Homes soon.



Our commitment is in providing quality senior care services to our residents at Prestige Family Care Homes. We offer compassionate care that preserves their dignity despite old age or debilitating health conditions. [About Us]